If you are only looking for the better way to find opportunities in live

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  • Access to the world's most comprehensive live statistical dashboard and premium indicators with proprietary algorithms - 'Pressure Index' and 'Goal Index'


Ideal for professionals who want to automate pre-defined systems and receive live alerts on opportunities.

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  • All the features of the InBETstigator package plus:
  • Unlimited creation of pre-match filter systems
  • Pre-match filter panel with matches compliant with the systems
  • Creation of up to 15 live filter systems
  • Live notification of alerts from your systems to your Telegram account
  • League filter (add or exclude more than 150 countries and 900 leagues)
  • Alerts text format configuration: show/hide goal line, handicap, attacks, shots, corners, fav losing, cards, etc.
  • Filtro de ligas (añade o excluye más de 90 países y 560 ligas)
  • Configuración del formato del texto de las alertas: mostrar/ocultar línea de puntos, hándicap inicial y actual, medias de puntos anotados y encajados, triples, faltas, etc.

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